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        Hearing Aid Styles- The Only Guide You Will Ever Need


There is range of hearing aid styles, and it can be hard to know what the “best” hearing aid is. From fit, technology and price there is not one style that suits every individual’s needs. Overall, all hearing aids perform the role of making sounds clearer and audible when the severity of the individual’s hearing loss declines. However, everyone will have a style that they believe is more comfortable, suits their lifestyle and is in their budget.

Hearing Aid Basics

Hearing aids are a form of digital technology that amplify and convert sounds allowing the individual to hear clearer. They can be charged from a rechargeable adapter or will be battery powered. The hearing aid diagram below explores the three main features that all hearing aids possess.



How hearing aids work

Additional Features That Hearing Aids Can Include

Hearing Aid Different Styles

The main three styles consist of behind the ear, invisible in canal and custom made hearing aids. To know more about the different styles of hearing aids or what the big differences are between them read the article Invisible Vs Behind The Ear. This will give you a clear indication of the key differences and allow you to build a preference of what you believe to be suited to your hearing needs and lifestyle.

Different hearing aid styles


What Should You Look For Before Buying A Hearing Aid

The best thing you can do is research different styles of hearing aids, which you are doing now, great job! After that you should book an appointment with a hearing aid specialist to identify your hearing needs. This will allow you to gain respected advice and be pointed in the right direction. Talking to a professional will also allow you to understand the spics and specs of hearing aids, the included warranty and much more. Lucky for our Hidden Hearing clients we guarantee a 3 year warranty on all hearing aids, which is a huge bonus!

Last but not least, you should look at a buyers guide and prepare for the financial side of the hearing aid. Hearing aids are an investment and aren’t just expensive for no reason. You can click the link below to look at our buyers guide and read our article on Why Hearing Aids Are Expensive.

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