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Hearing can be tested in more ways than one. The most effective practice is going to a clinic that has a sound proof booth or room. This allows your results to be the most accurate. When the hearing test is taking place the audiologist and the technology that is being used assesses the individuals ability to hear sounds, noises and frequency.


A hearing test is performed in a noise neutral environment. The most effective equipment to achieve this, is a sound proof booth. However if home visits are performed the hearing specialist will make adaptations to make sure there is a space to get the most optimal results.

Types of Tests

There are a range of tests that can be involved within one or a few consultations, depending on your hearing needs. Hidden Hearing specialist pay close attention to your individual hearing results and will decide what further testing is required. The test that can be completed are pure tone air conduction, bone conduction, typanometry and speech testing. 

Pure Tone Air Conduction 

Pure tone air conduction will be tested with the use of headphones. Testing what quiet sounds the individual can hear even when there is a change and frequency. This is called “air conduction” because the played sounds travel through the outer and middle ear. Overall, measuring the ears hearing sensitivity and the person’s accuracy in making out as many of these different sounds as possible.

Bone Conduction

Bone conduction testing is used when there is a blockage in the individual’s ear, this blockage can be wax or fluid. To allow a fair test for hearing sensitivity to be conducted, a device is placed behind the patient’s ear. This allows vibrations to be felt by the patient and the amount of vibrations or sounds they can hear will give a strong indication of their hearing needs.


Tympanometry focuses more on the middle ear and how it functions. The hearing specialist will test your eardrum, and in particular its movement. The movement is tested by putting air pressure into the patient’s ears with technology that looks very similar to modern earphones. 

Speech Testing 

Speech testing is when the patient listens to a word and repeats it back to the audiologist. This will often be a second check for a pure tone test, to allow more accurate results. 


One or a combination of these tests will allow the hearing specialist to determine if your hearing loss is sensorineural or conductive. You can have both, this is called mixed hearing loss. Once this is established, depending on the style you find most appealing or best suited to your needs, the fitting process of your hearing aid will begin. You can have ear moulds taken to allow the hearing aid to fit into your ear. Additionally, you will be able to choose your budget and the colour of your hearing aid. At Hidden Hearing we bundle aftercare into your hearing aid deal, giving you the best hearing aid aftercare you could ask for. 


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