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 Facts About Why Hearing Aids Are Expensive That Will Make You Think Twice 

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Hearing aids can range from a minimum of $1,000 to upwards of $4,000 per device. There are many different brands, models and technology advances that create this price range. But you may still wonder why hearing aids are more expensive than what you would expect. At Hidden Hearing we provide each client with hearing aids that are in their budget with extra benefits and after care. In this article we investigate the following topics,

New hearing aid technology
Battery life
The new research and development of hearing aids
Hidden benefits
How the aid is tailored to the individuals specific needs
Professional and specialised service

A hearing aid, while small, has detailed and advanced technology. Hidden Hearing makes the effort to constantly be updating and improving our hearing aids with the recent technology trends. Not only do we get the most advanced technology once released, we also update our skill set. Allowing our clients to experience the most efficient and well equiped service, with no big costs.

In the New York Times hearing aid article, it states that “Eighty percent of people who could benefit from a hearing aid don’t get one,” Ms. Kelley said, often because of cost or access to care. “Some of the reason is stigma: They don’t want to be seen as being old.”. Often people feel socially and emotionally embarrassed about having their hearing aids visible. The brands that manufacturer our hearing aids specialise in small, discreet and comfortable hearing aids. These changes did not come quickly or easily. The new small hearing aids have the same technology features of a hearing aid that is 10x its size, plus more!

New Hearing Aid Technology
We have mentioned that hearing aids have advanced, but you may wondering how? The older versions of hearing aids were not only visible but they also ran through analog technology. This would result in unintentional sounds and frequent ringing in the ears. Furthermore, background noise or identifying foreground and background noise would not be able to be picked up. The digital technology not only has easily accessible features on your phone and bluetooth connection, it adapts to the changes of your environment automatically without you having to lift a finger. The hearing aid mimics how fully functioning hearing would work. Making the sound clearer and the use of the hearing aids more independent and discreet. 



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Battery Life
Battery life depends on if your hearing aid is powered by batteries or a rechargeable chord. Batteries last 3-22 days and rechargeable  batteries last around 24 hours after a single charge. There are many factors that impact the battery life in a hearing aid. You can read our article Battery Life- Everything You Need To Know for more information.

Best hearing aid battery life

The New Research And Development Of Hearing Aids
Like all modern technology, hearing aids continue to improve their technology features rapidly. The development of prototypes, the research of artificial intelligence and pairing the aids to other technology such as phones, tv’s and other media continues to advance and creates constant behind the scene work for manufactures. This makes it an endless cycle of having researchers and manufactures work cut out for them.

According to Starkey “typically, hearing aids will last three to five years”. Even if you spend $4,000 on each device that is,

$8,000 for 5 years 

$1,600 for 1 year 

$30 a week 

$4.5 a day 

Even a top of the range hearing aid, custom made to your needs only cost a  coffee a day. You really can’t put a price on the physical and emotional benefits of having a good hearing. Once broken down, the cost of the aids are minimal with the long life, durability, benefits and aftercare you receive in our bundle packages. 

Hearing aid new research and advances

Hidden Benefits 
We want to make sure you are looked after even after your hearing aids are up and running. We provide after care on all our hearing aids and bundle it in for an affordable price. Hearing aid aftercare will be one of the only custom technology that offers after care at an affordable price. Making the price of them even better!

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How The Aid Is Tailored To The Individuals Specific Needs
The hearing aids are constructed to have maximum quality and durability. Giving you the best experience for years of wearing your hearing aid. Additionally the hearing aid is not like other modern technology that create devices that are “one size fits all”. The hearing aids that our specialist fit you with have technology to improve and maintain your hearing. They are also tailored and made to fit the shape of your ear with optimal comfort. The tailoring of technology definitely adds to why hearing aids are expensive. The latest iPhones are close to $2,000 and the individual has to custom the technology themselves. Also the average life of new iPhones appear to be only 2 years!

Custom hearing aids

Professional and Specialised Service
All our senior clinicians have over of 20 years of experience in the hearing aid industry. On average hearing aid specialist spend an average of 3 years studying, complete an internship program and renew their registration every 12 months. With their experience, study and a wealth of knowledge of further study as the industry advances. You truly are in safe hands who will you give you the best service and, after care maintenance and support. 

Hearing aid professionals
Hearing aid professionals
Hearing aid professionals
Hearing aid professionals
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