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Are Invisible or Behind The Ear Hearing Aids Better?

Hearing aids vary in price, style and how they are placed in your ear. At Hidden Hearing all of our hearing aids are “hidden”. Meaning they are discreet, comfortable and have the newest technology advances to ensure easy and function-able use. Additionally, we specialise in three main styles of hearing aids, invisible aids, behind the ear and custom made. These different styles have their own pro’s and con’s and it depends on the features that you would like. You can find out the best hearing aid for you through our online quiz.


Invisible Aid

The Starkey SoundLens is the original and the smallest Invisible-In-Canal hearing aid. The result is a great fitting, totally hidden hearing aid. The SoundLens is available in 3 performance levels making it financially affordable to most people. In the ear hearing aids are the best hearing aid buds on the market.

Behind The Ear

Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are tucked behind the top of the outer ear, with slim, nearly invisible tubing that directs sound into the ear. An ear tip or ear mould is used to secure the tubing in the ear canal. BTEs are available in a range of colours to blend in with skin tones or hair colour.

Custom Made In The Ear

Custom style hearing aids are created for your ear’s unique anatomy, using a casting of your ear. They can be made in different skin tones to blend in with the outer ear.



Different hearing aid styles

Home Care Assistant explained they experience a lot of clients not wearing their hearing aids. They stated “If the hearing aids don’t work for the wearer, they will end up unused or lost.” This is where careful consideration and extensive testing is needed to fit your hearing aid to your ear and, most importantly your lifestyle.

You can take our free online hearing test to understand more about your hearing loss. Alternatively you can take our quiz  What Hearing Aid Is Best For Me. Want to know more about why taking an online hearing test can be beneficial? Read our article How Can I Test My Hearing At Home?

While we love the convenience of completing an online test, we highly recommend calling our office on 1800 717 717 to have an appointment with our ear specialist for more extensive results.

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