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Choosing The Right Hearing Aid

The “right” hearing aid depends largely on the person wearing it. When recommending a hearing device for you, we take a number of factors into consideration including your degree of hearing loss, unique daily listening environments, dexterity, importance of size and visibility of devices, and budgetary concerns.


Which hearing aid is the “right one” for you is a very personalized decision. The clinicians at Hidden Hearing will help guide your hearing device selection by taking into consideration these important factor:

  • Style – If you have cosmetic concerns, the Starkey SoundLens IIC (Invisible In Canal), or a CIC (Completely ¬In¬ ¬Canal) hearing aid may be your best option.
  • Ease of Use – If you have dexterity issues where handling the hearing aids as a concern, a custom in-the-ear model may be a better match or a rechargeable battery option where you don’t need to replace or handle small batteries.
    Performance. If you have specific technology needs you may want a hearing aid that reduces background noise or that is Bluetooth compatible with a mobile phone.
  • Battery Life -The larger the hearing aid model, typically the longer the battery life.
  • Price – Not every person requires the most expensive technology to meet their hearing needs. We offer financing programs to help make the investment more affordable.


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