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Signs of Hearing Loss

Do you find yourself asking others to repeat themselves often? Do you have trouble hearing in noisy situations? Do you often have the TV volume turned up high? These may be signs of hearing loss.

Approximately 3 in 10 people over age 60, 1 in 6 people ages 41-59, and 1 in 14 people ages 29-40 experience some form of hearing loss.

The prevalence of hearing loss and new advances that make hearing aid technology  more discreet have helped to erase any previous stigma attached to hearing loss. If you’re experiencing multiple signs of hearing loss from the list below, don’t continue to live with hearing loss.

Social Signs of Hearing Loss:

  • often have to ask others to repeat themselves.
  • have trouble hearing in restaurants, conferences, and other noisy situations.
  • have trouble following conversations with three or more people.
  • think other people sound like they’re mumbling.
  • answer inappropriately in conversations due to mishearing.
  • watch faces more intently or read lips when people speak to you.
  • have trouble hearing women’s and children’s voices.
  • often have to turn your TV or radio up to a high volume.

Emotional Signs of Hearing Loss:

  • feel embarrassed when meeting new people due to misunderstanding what others say.
  • feel stressed due to difficulty hearing what others are saying.
  • avoid social situations you use to enjoy due to difficulty hearing.
  • feel annoyed when you can’t understand other people.
  • feel anxious about difficulty hearing and understanding others.

    Medical Signs of Hearing Loss:

    • experience ringing, roaring, or hissing in the ear (This condition is ⦁ tinnitus,  and it can be a sign of hearing loss).
    • have medical history of hearing loss in your family.
    • experience ear pain, irritation, or itching.
    • experience vertigo or dizziness
    • have diabetes or a circulation, heart, or thyroid condition.
    • take ototoxic drugs or other medications that may harm hearing.
    • have experienced extremely loud sounds over an extended time period or been exposed to explosive noise.

    If you’ve experienced these symptoms, you may benefit from a hearing evaluation.

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