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Bluetooth is the process of two or more devices connecting wirelessly. Removing the need for chords and extra handling processes.


Do you ever feel that your hearing aids are more frustrating than the hearing loss? When your hearing aids don’t suit your lifestyle and needs it can be very frustrating, and sometimes end with you or a loved one not wearing them. You want to avoid this at all cost, when your hearing aids fit and perform how they are meant to with the features that you desire, your listening experience will become effortless. This is where advancing hearing aid technology, such as bluetooth hearing aids come in. 


What is bluetooth in technical terms?


If you would like to get more technical and build your understanding on exactly what bluetooth is…here you go. Bluetooth uses waves to transmit data without added signal or chords required. The waves are set to a higher frequency allowing little to no interference during this transmission process.


Just like most modern technology, hearing aid manufacturers are including bluetooth in their hearing aid designs. Allowing you to easily connect to your phone, tablet, tv and much more. While some devices will automatically connect to your hearing aids, other devices may connect as easily. Do not worry, that is why hearing aids have streamers. There is a range of streamers that can allow your wireless connection between aids and devices seamless. You can call our office to talk about what streamers or other hearing aid devices we stock on 1800 717 717.


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What are the best parts of using bluetooth hearing aids?


1. Easy handling and seamless connection


2. Discreet hearing aid use


3. Easy and personalised listening


4.Multiple connections


5. Remote control for hearing aids through device connection


On top of all this, bluetooth is becoming a common technology feature that is used across a range of devices. Making your hearing aids compatible and easier to use across all platforms.


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