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The Phonak Audeo Paradise hearing aid is the perfect balance of outstanding natural hearing features and user friendly technology. Creating an effortless and enjoyable experience for every user. And the best part is it does most of the work for you. It will adjust to the noise in your surrounding environment. With the added bonus of a phonak app, allowing you to change the sound settings at your leisure by the touch of a finger. Additionally, the Phonak app gives the user full control of their hearing. Creating a remote screening, sound adjustments and consultations between user and care professional.

The Phonak Paradise Hearing Aid is really changing the way people experience hearing loss. The functional use of these hearing aids allows our clients to feel more connected with less hassle. Overall improving relationships, allowing the user to thrive mentally and emotionally. The Audeo Paradise is truly a win win situation.

Speech Understanding Features
Noise Cancelling Technology
Hearing aid easy connection
Noise assistance

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