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How Do Online Hearing Tests Work?

Deciding whether or not you need a hearing test or hearing aids, can be a confusing process. Our hearing tests are hassle free and very adaptive to cater to your needs. But why not do the first step in understanding your current hearing condition by completing an online hearing test in the comfort in your own home? All you need is a set of head-phones or earphones. Take our online hearing test now!

According to the Australian Government Department of Health “In adults, research suggests that untreated hearing loss may increase risk of memory loss and increase risk of depression”. We highly recommend if you think you are experiencing any change in your hearing health to take our online test or call our office today- 1800 717 717.

How Is Our Online Hearing Test Performed?

We recommend using headphones for the test as it will allow us to test your left and right ears individually. Giving you more accurate results. Here are the 5 simple steps of how we perform an online hearing test at Hidden Hearing.

  1. Find a quiet area to complete the test for optimal results
  2. Answer yes or no questions that apply to your circumstance
  3. Place your headphones/ear phones in and respond to the screen instructions
  4. Respond using your mouse to click answers and/or buttons
  5. Get your personalised report!

Want an extensive report emailed to you or a follow up call? Put your details in at the end of the test and we give you a call at the most convenient time for you.

Are Online Hearing Test’s Accurate?

The online hearing test  will not give you a medical diagnosis or identify further details about the cause of your hearing loss. However it will give you accurate results to make the next steps easier in helping you understand your hearing needs.

Completing this online hearing test allows you to complete the first step in understanding your hearing needs and be on your way to hearing again. A professional face to face hearing test will determine what hearing aids are best for you. Call our office today to find out more!

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