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Everything You Need To Know About Wearing Hearing Aids With Glasses

Knowing what hearing aid is best for you is a hard decision to make, especially when you don’t know how they will fit with your glasses. At Hidden Hearing we can recommend the best aids for you. Additionally we can tell you everything you need to know about wearing your hearing aids with your glasses. All the aids we fit are small, discreet and most importantly, extremely comfortable.

While all our hearing aids are small, the right one for you depends on your lifestyle and your type of hearing loss. You can discover the degree of your hearing loss through our free online hearing test.  At Hidden Hearing we offer invisible hearing aids that are as hidden as new Bluetooth earbuds. Along with invisible aids we offer custom in ear styles and behind the ear hearing aids. Both types are excellent hearing aids and our experienced specialists can provide further assistance when fitting or deciding the best hearing aid for you.

According to the World Health Organisation “Over 35 Member States made statements on the vital importance of assistive products, such as wheelchairs, hearing aids, walking frames, reading glasses and prosthetic limbs. These products enable people with difficulties in functioning to live productive and dignified lives, participating in education, the labour market and social life”. Struggling to wear hearing aids with your glasses can be uncomfortable, frustrating and have a significant impact on your daily activities.

Style Of Glasses 

If you are looking at different styles of glasses, it is best to look at wire frames for glasses. These are more comfortable than plastic frame glasses. This style of glasses also allows your glasses to sit comfortably next to any behind the ear hearing device.

If you already own glasses the easiest hearing aids to adapt to this are invisible aids or custom in ear aids. Both of these hearing aids styles will not come into contact with your glasses and will allow it to feel no different to when you aren’t wearing hearing aids. However, if you prefer behind the ear hearing aids there are practical steps you can take to put both your aids and glasses on, to make it the most comfortable and manageable experience for you. Read and follow the below 5 steps or watch our easy to follow video!

  1. Place your glasses on first and make sure they are comfortable
  2. Gently place the outer tube of the hearing aid in between the glasses and your ear. This will secure it between two points
  3. Place in inner tube in your ear and make sure everything feels secure
  4. If you need to, re-adjust if something isn’t feeling right. You can stand in front of a mirror or get someone to hold a mirror for you. Adjust your glasses by pulling forward or back. Do not pull your glasses up or down, this will pop the hearing aid out of your ear.
  5. Continue to practice and you will start to feel comfortable with wearing your glasses and hearing aids together.




We are here to help- call our office today! Our friendly team are more than happy to assist you choosing a hearing aid to cooperate with your glasses.


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